Step it up, Gentlemen

Michelle Lozano, Sports Editor

Contrary to popular belief, girls don’t ask for much. When it comes to the most important night of high school, the least that a guy could do is ask a girl to be his date in a cute manner. No one is asking for a full blown proposal, but if nothing is done to show a girl she is requested to be on the guys’ arm for prom night, how is she supposed to know she is desired?

Anyone can flat out ask a girl to prom, but what argument are you trying to make of the situation? By simply stating, “Oh hey, we should go together,” what kind of preview are you revealing for the night of prom? However, if you ask with chocolate, or flowers, or in a creative way that ties you to that person and that person alone, at least your date will believe that the night will be as special as you’ve made her feel.

Granted, there are the people that say, “Why can’t the girl ask?” Call me old fashion, but the only reason a girl should ask the guy is if he doesn’t go to the school in which the prom takes place.  Other than that, it’s all on you, gentlemen. This topic brings about controversy because some view the “asking to prom,” process as trivial. This shouldn’t be viewed as such for the sole reason of its equivalence to a proposal of marriage, in the teen world.

An engagement proposal differs from a prom proposal, of course; but for juniors and seniors in high school, the only more committing question is, “Will you be my girlfriend?” My argument isn’t to say that certain things are a man’s job, because I’m rather feminist. But there’s a point when females and males are equal, and should do the same things, and a point in which the guy can step it up and prove a point. This is that time guys. Show that girl that there is no one she’d rather be with on the night of prom than you. Good luck, oh and if you get stuck, refer to the Entertainment section of the April issue of the Tiger Tales, out April 25.