Letter to the Editor: ACT Prep Class is beneficial despite what others say

Twinette Gray

I’ve heard many people smash on the ACT prep class, saying things like “Wow, they sit there and legit do nothing, while they are collecting our money” and things like “They give you a booklet, tell you to work, and go off and do their own thing”. Honestly, I don’t see why these people are complaining. In my opinion, the ACT prep class is actually very beneficial. This class does its job; and that’s to refresh your memory on all that you have learned the past three years.

This prep class costs $60, which is very pricey. I’ve heard rumors that teachers use that money to buy things such as a sofa or a car motor. Students say you shouldn’t go to this class because of that reason. Wow. I mean, really? What the teachers do with the money is their business. I honestly do not care where my $60 goes, as long as I get what I came there for; and that is to learn.

For those of you who don’t know about the ACT prep class, I will explain to you what it’s like. The teachers I’ve had are Mr. Eleveld, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Spradley, and Mrs. Sheehan. As a class, we are given booklets of multiple choice questions, very much like the ACT, and we dedicate each week to different topics, such as Science, Math, English, Writing, and Reading. We start off by meeting every Wednesday until we reach the overview portion of the class. Once we hit the overview, which is basically a review on all subjects, we go every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Class starts at the end of February and lasts through spring break. We arrive to school during first hour.

The routine is the same, but we go over different material every day. We take practice tests and go over questions. My teachers taught me many tricks to be successful at taking the ACT, and did a great job of refreshing my memory on everything freshman, sophomore, and junior year taught me. Despite what others say, the ACT prep class benefitted me tremendously. I highly recommend taking this class your junior year to help you do your best on the ACT.