Dangerous Fashion: of corset matters

Alexa Ortiz, contributing writer

Fashion trends vary year to year, and so do new possible dangers that could affect your health and body. Teens don’t typically tend to wear to most comfortable clothes which do result in damage to their body.

In the hospital, doctors get various patients with diseases that are caused due to dangerous fashion trends.

Three-inch platform heels can require a girl to get twenty stitches in her forehead and ongoing physiotherapy.

Over the course of history, extreme fashion has often overruled unhealthy – if not downright dangerous – practices. The Chinese tradition of binding the feet of infant girls to ensure they remained petite and demure, for example, caused excruciating pain and disfigurement, as did tightly laced corsets in the 19th century, which could inhibit breathing to the point of causing some women to faint.

High heels may be the most glaring example of a treacherous fashion trend, but they certainly don’t stand alone. Platforms, oversized earrings and body art all present potential peril. Here are some of our favorite – and most risky – moments in fashion history.

Also adding to foot pain, involves flip-flops. Because people tend to grip their flip-flops with their toes, they tend to have muscle joint problems. I think flip-flops should mainly be used for the beach or for comfort after a sporting event.

Though skinny jeans look great, doctors say they can be dangerous for our health. According to some experts tight jeans might cause a nerve problem called meralgia paresthetica.

Together with high stilettos skinny jeans put great pressure on the femoral cutaneous nerve that runs through the thigh. As a result ladies often feel tingling and burning through the leg, which is uncomfortable.

The affliction has already been named as “tingling thigh syndrome”. A woman who developed the one said, “It felt really strange – it felt like my leg had gone to sleep.”

However, the condition is not new and has largely appeared in construction workers, pregnant women and obese people; even young, fit women do suffer it sometimes.

But before you decide to throw your skinnies away, remember that the damage is not permanent as it is eliminated as soon as you remove the pressure. Just don’t wear skinnies all the time, make alterations in your appearance and everything’s going to be all right.