No Space…West is simply not big enough

Samantha Kessler, contributing reporter

West is a very large campus, with a lot of space for all the students it contains. From overcrowded classrooms, to every inch of the building even after school it is obvious West is in need for more space.

After school, West is buzzing with people. Clubs are in their assigned classrooms and sports are in the multiple gyms and athletic rooms. But are all sports actually in the right areas of the school?

Two out of three days, and sometimes three out three days, junior varsity tiger paws has nowhere to practice, besides the main foyer by the cafeteria and band hallway.

All other sports are occupying the gym areas. Boys and girls basketball are in the field house as well as the main gym. Wrestling is in the multipurpose room, cheer is in the small gym and sometimes in the field house, and varsity tiger paws is in the dance room.

Tiger Paws have tried multiple times to practice in the field house, but the noise from the other sports makes it impossible to hear the music or the counts.

The foyer is not a practical place to practice for many reasons. One being that the amount of distractions there are do not allow us to practice to our full ability. After school, there are students constantly walking around aimlessly, yelling, as well as making fun of the squad. Also, students who are involved in band are walking through the foyer through the whole two hour practice. Since it is competition time, the squad needs to have the minimal amount of distractions in order to finish and fine tune the routine before the first competition on December 5th.

Another reason why the foyer isn’t a practical area to practice is because the floor isn’t a proper surface for us to dance on. The surface that is in the foyer is not what will be on a gym floor, which is wood. The surface in the foyer makes it difficult to turn, as well as being able to land properly. This can be a recipe for injury.

It is unfair that poms are kicked out of every location we try to go. Even though West is a large campus, there isn’t enough room for everyone who is involved in extra-curricular activities.