What’s with the morning policy?

Terri Purcell, Managing Editor

Walking into the school cafeteria, students take out their phones to check a text, or turn their iPods on to listen to their music to wait out the wait until morning dismissal. Nowadays, it seems students can’t even enjoy their last minutes of freedom before entering school. It seems there’s a rule now where students can’t use any electronics when entering the building. I want to know why? Why are we not allowed to use any electronics while waiting in the boring cafeteria? 

West’s new morning policy is ridiculous. The only conclusion upperclassmen can come up with on this policy is the fear that answers will be text along to freshmen. Uh, who remembers what they did freshmen year? Who texts freshmen that early? Then what about the freshmen? They go even earlier. Why are there no electronics for them? Who would they text?

The school rule states that all electronics are not to be used during school hours. School hours for freshmen start at 7:20 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. for upperclassmen. Since when has the time wasted sitting in the cafeteria considered school hours? They aren’t interrupting learning since classes haven’t started, and even then, most freshmen aren’t anywhere near the cafeteria. So why not, administration? 

Some overachieving students get to school early and are forced to sit for over a half hour in the cafeteria. Why does security take away iPods, MP3s and even phones when all the student wants to do is zone out to some music? Why take away our music? Is this school getting to the point where we are being treated like prisoners? What is music going to do? It doesn’t cause harm to anyone, and frankly, most high school students are still waking up from a late night to even function correctly. Music at least keeps the brain active. What is the big deal?

The other day, I was walking into the school when I hear Dean Staley rush up to Dean Narducci, and he told Narducci that he needs to “fix this cell phone policy” because he saw three people in the hallways with their phones on. He was so serious I wanted to laugh. I just walked into the building, shaking my head at how absurd this policy is and how serious they take it. 

I get it, no electronics during the school hours. I have to leave the school to use my phone, or to listen to my iPod during school hours. I get it, I really do. Though I think the school takes the no electronics policy a little too seriously, I understand the reasons behind why it’s there. What I don’t understand is this unknown morning policy. West is going too far. We were never informed of this rule until one day, security started taking away our electronics. Why weren’t we told? Next year, are they going to say we can’t even bring our electronics to school, and if we do, will they be confiscated at the door? Is that West’s goal? While I worry about if a kid brought a weapon or an illegal drug to school, I’ll let the security guards and deans worry about whether or not I’m using my phone or listening to my iPod before my school day has even started. There are more important things to worry about.