School makes a Dress Code Violation

Paige Cline, staff writer

Your shorts are too short, your shirts inappropriate, wears your i.d, those are just a few of the violations that security and staff get after students for. If you ask anyone, they get tired of it. But do those rules apply to spirit week and school clothing that the school supplies?

On any other normal school day, you are not allowed to wear clothes that are either too short,  too revealing, see-throw, etc. Now, does the school follow the dress code? I say that because the physical education leaders have received new uniforms that have gold shorts and black tee-shirts, the opposite of what other students have. The uniforms look nice but unfortunately the gold shorts are see threw. Even though the guys may appreciate that, the girls are taking utilizing to show off their thongs and underwear, which is highly inappropriate.

However, if you walked into school wearing your bra and underwear outside of your clothing on any other day of than mismatch day, you would most likely receive a ticket and a trip to your dean’s office. Now, I’m pretty sure no one wants that. When mismatch day comes along, Whenever mismatch day comes along, everyone can’t wait to wear belts, swim suits, hats, anything outside of their clothes just be fun and mismatched, but bra’s and underwear? If you can’t do that any other day, you should not be able to do that on any day no matter what the reason.

Even though it is a day to have fun and go out all out or it is a required p.e uniform, they should still be school appropriate. The school on the other hand, should still stick to the dress code that they and the school is suppose to follow everyday and enforce it.