ID Miscommunication

Taylor Foote, staff writer

This year, students were given much sturdier holders for their ID’s. Sure they’re nice and tough, but some students still prefer the ID cases from two years ago, the clear plastic ones. Some of these students unexpectedly received tickets for not wearing the new holders they were given this year. It seems that the security guards are under the impression that the new cases aren’t an option, so kids are being issued tickets for not wearing them. “It’s a rule” said tiger Mark, a school security guard. However, the students that were issued the tickets were never called down to their Dean’s office, nor had any sort of discipline issued. Dean Narducci said “As long as the IDs are visible and everything is school appropriate, the case it’s in doesn’t matter.” Dean Narducci is the authority on school IDs, as Mr. Clinton said: “Dean Narducci is the guru of ID’s and lanyards.” While no punishments were given to any of the students, it seems like a lot of unnecessary stress for the students who receive tickets for not wearing the new cases. There is obviously a breakdown in communication between the security guards and the administration at West, and that could end up causing a lot more problems than tickets over ID holders.