Halloween: Political Correctness versus Fun

Sadie McGuire, Entertainment Editor

As we’ve grown older, Halloween has become less about pretending to be cute little ghosts and goblins for a day, and more about who can bear the most flesh. Almost any costume concept can be turned into an idea for attractive young women. There’s the sexy bumble, sexy cat, sexy Mad Hatter, and even the sexy nun. The basis of these costumes is merely a hat or ears paired with an extremely short skirt (and sometimes even fishnet tights) and—Voila!—you’re a sexy mouse, duh!

Some may see this as yet another example of our generation’s sexploitation—exploiting sexual themes in order to make a quick buck. And no doubt, this is a prime example of it. But it shouldn’t be forgotten, this is Halloween we’re talking about. What is the epicenter of this holiday? To be able to walk around a whole day, looking nothing like yourself, and no one can say anything about it. So why not prosper in this given opportunity? If someone wants to shorten their skirt all for costume’s sake, they shouldn’t be criticized for it.

There’s really no other day when a girl can walk outside in a miniskirt, fishnet tights, or knee high boots and not be called a prostitute. The point of the holiday is to have fun and be out of the ordinary, and if to someone that involves a sexy outfit, more power to them. The fun of the holiday shouldn’t be lost in a war or political correctness and morality. There’s no rules for Halloween, so they should stop trying to be created.