Jeremy Fears returns to west

Dylan Pangrazio, Sports editor

Jeremy Fears is on the return to Joliet West to play with his younger brother Jerimiah Fears after he commits to Michigan State. What does this mean for Joliet west? Is this another possible state run or will they crumble under the overwhelming pressure of the media and fans? The season Tips off Friday November 25, 2022 against Lanier. That will show us what they are made of. 

Jeremy Fears is back at West and people are excited to see what is to come, even Joliet West high school basketball coach Kreiger stated “Jeremy’s return has brought a great deal of excitement to the community, Illinois high school basketball, Joliet West, and the program. It’s a great thing he is able to return to where his high school career started.” Joliet west has a great opportunity ahead of them, but what will they do with it? Most Joliet West students and fans believe in the program. Coach Kreiger also stated “Our expectations are nothing outside of what we usually aim for. Regardless of where we are ranked or who is individually ranked, we are always in pursuit of the same things: 20+ wins, Conference championship, holiday tournament trophies, and advancing to the state championship in Champaign.” Coach Kreiger is on point and very certain of what he wants for his team this year, but is the team on point for their season?

Jeremy and Jerimiah are two big names that have shown NBA sparks in the past, The big question is how they will perform together at the High school level.  Jeremy Fears stated that “I think a lot of people will not know what is expected from me and Jeremiah because this will be their first time seeing us play together in high school.” While his little brother Jerimiah had this to say ”I’m super excited he is returning and we finally get to play with each other again. I’m excited for this upcoming season because we’ve been waiting and putting in work this whole offseason.” Jeremy is a great person, athlete, and student. He is a family first type of guy with great potential   

Jeremy is playing with his brother and is back with family. He loves the opportunities that helped him shape his career. Coach Krieger is ready for the season and can’t wait to make a run back at state. He has goals and expectations not only for the team but as men the players will soon be. Come check out the Joliet West basketball team this upcoming season.