April showers bring May flowers, but what does April snow bring?

Lylah Chavez, Staff writer

The first day of spring was March 20th. Heading into April a lot of Joliet residents expected the weather to take a turn from the last few months and be warm, breezy and sunny outside. However, instead Joliet Residents were greeted with snow just a couple days ago. 

During the month of April there have been a lot of equally sunny and rainy days. We all know the statement “April Showers bring May flowers,” however what does April snow bring..? Illinois residents, especially Joliet residents when they were welcomed with snow in the morning. 

There were two snow days in the month of April for Joliet which were very unpredictable. Joliet Residents were surprised to wake up and find snow on the windshield of their car. Although we didn’t even get an inch of snow, it was still surprising to see the snow in April. Just a week after the snow hit, the forecast predicted it to be 80 degrees Saturday the 23rd. This goes to show how unpredictable the weather may be.

For the rest of April with less than two weeks left here is the predicted weather outlook. The week of the 17th we can expect equally some sunny and rainy days with some high temperatures. For the last week of April, the week of the 24th we can expect to see mostly cloudy days with some sun peeking out in between that week. However if it happens to rain that week it wont come as a surprise.

As you can see the weather in Joliet can be very unpredictable so at this point we can expect anything. However for the rest of the month there seems to be no more snow coming our way, for now.