Sexual assault database puts spotlight on what’s really happening


Therese Malinowski (far right) and other girls working together on The Dandelion Project database for Illinois colleges. Photo courtesy of The Dandelion Project on Instagram.

Nicole Pizur, Features Editor

While beginning her college application process, one of Therese Malinowski’s main priorities was checking the campus safety at each college. In an effort to make this easier for other students like her, she decided to create The Dandelion Project. It is a database showing everything regarding any sexual assaults that have taken place at colleges all over Illinois.
Sexual assault can happen anywhere, however, college has a high-risk rate of 78%, which is much higher than anywhere else and is very scary for incoming high school graduates. The purpose of the database is to give those students a chance to choose a college they feel safe at while also encouraging schools to change themselves to lessen this statistic.
The organization is a nonprofit foundation that is fighting for schools to be more
transparent with their students about information containing sexual assault on their campus.
Although the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
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Organization has taken over running the database from Malinowski she says, “Now that it’s out of my hands and, like, growing, I really hope it becomes a national database. I really think it’s going to help a lot of people and that’s all I want.”
With the database continually growing, students deciding to go to college anywhere in the US will be able to make a safe, informed decision on where they are taking the next step in their lives and education.
Senior Aileen Carranza is appreciative of this databse as she feels sexual assault is something very serious that can’t be ignored. “I believe project dandelion will be very helpful in my decision making for colleges.
Junior, Kiersten Jordan, who is beginning to think about her future plans feels the database is something she will definitely consider when applying to college. “This database will help me make a more informed decision that will ensure my safety is put first.”