‘Let’s be cops’ review

Alex Lopez, Contributing Writer

Looking for a good movie to watch at home this weekend while keeping warm? You may want to consider the action-comedy movie, “Let’s Be Cops”, which was released for DVD on November 11. The film was directed by Luke Greenfield, and stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr., who play as Justin and Ryan, a pair of best friends, as well as nobodies, who struggle with gaining the respect and success they long for. The two dress up as cops for a costume party, but are then mistaken for actual cops. Enjoying the feeling of authority, the two end up mixing with an investigation on mobster. They must decide to walk away as no ones, or die as someone else.

Going to see the movie, I was expecting simply a lot of goofing off with it going wrong in multiple ways. I got to see what I was wishing for, just not as much as I was hoping for. Some scenes from the trailer, such as breaking up a fight between sorority sisters, were laughable, but those soon grew scarce as the movie got deeper into the plot. Which I found disappointing, seeing as the plot was completely predictable, right when I sat in my seat, I already pictured in my head, how the movie would play out, and saw very few of my predictions be considered wrong . I already knew the direction the film would go, they pretend to be police, they get dragged into a real conspiracy, like most action movies now, involve drugs or major gangs, but I was just hoping it wouldn’t be so cliché.

I did like, however, how the movie was based on a lot of character growth, watching a pair of average Joes rise up to a task, and becoming better citizens. It was very noticeable, seeing how they were in the beginning of the movie, and by the end, you almost don’t recognize them being the same people. The choice of actors were excellent, but the characters themselves seem to have struck a nerve in me. Damon Wayans did an excellent job playing as the friend who obviously has more brains and common sense, knowing of the consequences that will occur if their caught, but serves more as a comic relief, acting like a squeamish child in a horror movie fest.

But Jake Johnson’s character, Ryan, just to put it short, disappointed me. Throughout the majority of the film, he acted like what they were doing was nothing more but wholesome fun, not a felony. I understand the movie was putting a “what’s the worst that could happen” type of character. But his actions just go too far, including buying actual police equipment, faking to be high ranked officer, and even taking on a case investigating mobsters, all because, “Life screwed me over,” literally his words from the film.

Did I enjoy the film? Yes. Do I believe it’s worth the money to buy? No. But it is a fine film to maybe rent from Netflix, or probably Red box. It was an entertaining piece, it just didn’t meet expectations.cops