Top 10 catchy songs of 2012

Alex Seidler, News Editor

Another year has gone by but we still have the annoying and sometimes entertaining songs from 2012 stuck in our heads.

10. International Love: This collaboration between Pitbull and Chris Brown just added to Pitbull’s success following “Give me everything tonight”. It’s a catchy tune that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and you’ve been “everywhere”.

9. Stronger: you either love or hate this song because that seems to be the typical opinion about Kelly Clarkson as a whole. It is definitely hard to get out of your head and says something about what Clarkson’s attitude has been through tough times.

8. Good Time: Both Owl City singer Adam Young and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen have made the most innocent song about partying. Maybe that’s why it is so catchy because you can listen to it during a party while still keeping it clean.

7. Drive by: What can you say about Patrick Monahan other than; what is he doing still making hit songs? His band Train have been making music since the 90s and this has to be the most annoying song he has made. But there’s nothing you can do once you hear it you will never forget it.

6. Home: Philip Philips came out with this one song that many people find to be quite different and a nice catchy tune. The 22 year old American Idol winner’s song has been praised by nearly everyone. It is definitely an enjoyable song to listen to and it has had the second biggest digital sale by an American Idol singer, behind Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life would suck without you”.

5. Die Young: Maybe it’s because Ke$ha doesn’t sound like an inebriated teen girl coming off her first hangover but her newer song is a likable party beat you can jam to. It is very memorable when thinking about this artist alongside “Tik Tok”. If Ke$ha can make a song this good and unforgettable then maybe there is hope for her future in music.

4. Wide Awake: Well you can’t have a top ten or five list songs without the current junk pop music queen and sex symbol Katy Perry. It was inevitable since “Part of Me” didn’t really say it well enough that she’s over her divorce and has clearly moved on. I’m sure she has.

3. Whistle: Flo Rida will never make a song that’s not about clubs, partying, or sex. That is just all he seems to know. There’s no doubting that this song can’t be unheard. It is so simple and irresistible you can’t hide from it. Also what needs to be said about this song is that it’s not talking about whistling or kissing.

2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Remember when Taylor Swift was just an innocent, adolescent looking, country performing 19 year old singing about how the guy she liked and who didn’t notice her should be with her? Just about every girl’s relatable singer and every feminist’s worst nightmare. Well now let me introduce you to the still annoying, celebrity dating and bashing, self-confident, mature, blond, 23 year old, and no doubt POP star Taylor Swift. She has basically moved from being the cute girl next door and become every ex-boyfriend’s worst nightmare. However, we would all be lying if this song doesn’t get drilled into our heads.

1. Call Me Maybe: Just about everyone knows this song and has made fun of it. It is so silly and unoriginal, yet the catchy beat and annoying chorus kept it in number one at the billboards for nine consecutive weeks. There’s absolutely no escaping it because it is extremely pointless since

it’s a 26 year old singing about what a 13 year old would be going through (and with the voice of a 13 year old for that matter). It’s your typical innocent pop song everyone loves to hate.

So now we can only wait for what 2013 has in store for us.