The Real Housewives of Dramaland

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

Since their premiere in 2006, The Real Housewives have been a tremendous source or drama and have sent turmoil throughout the entire reality television culture. After more than 30 combined seasons of cat fights and baby drama, the world is questioning whether or not The Real Housewives are a good representation of their respective state.

In 2006, The Real Housewives of Orange County sent shockwaves through the television. A weekly reoccurring program saw a group of middle-aged women sitting around in their luxurious mansions drinking wine and gossiping on the day’s events. The gossip of their co-housewives usually turned into something of an over-the-top, fight to the death that showcased the classiest of housewives flipping over tables and throwing their wineglasses into their styopponent’s face.

The general television watching public ate these catfights up. It seemed as though these fighting scenes were filmed, chopped into little bite size pieces and spoon fed into the viewer’s mouth. These women could be sitting on a deserted island talking about a coconut and the viewers would still watch as long as the housewives could still hold their title as craziest and most dramatic of them all. However, these women were not good representations of their individual states.

Critical reception did not seem to care about their upkeep. As long as the series kept a high viewer rating, the housewives would continue to gossip and brawl on screen for seasons to come. Non-viewers, but pop culture enthusiasts that have heard of the tyranny that has reigned onto television, have spoken up with their displeasure on The Real Housewives. “I believe that the Real Housewives are extremely entertaining for those who enjoy the bitterness and the drama that comes with the series. However, I strongly dislike the characters that play the same role week to week on the show. I do not think they represent the general women that populate their state,” said Sara Rizzi, sophomore. Others have had the same opinion. “I don’t believe that the Real Housewives are a good representation of our country. I do not believe that we should allow these women to repeat the same crimes week in and week out. The cattiness and the unpleasantness towards each other are exactly the attitudes that we should hide and protect today’s youth from. These are not the women that I would want my children to grow up and wanting to be like,” said Elizabeth Alberti, junior.

However, non-viewers do not seem to hold an opinion towards the megabrand that is Bravo Media. Bravo Media stands strongly behind their most popular hit series ‘The Real Housewives’ and will continue to watch as the population grows bitterer as a cause and effect of the housewives. The housewives will continue to reign their power onto the general television watching public for seasons to come.