For pride or PDA?

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

In high school, many of the relationships that students are in end badly. Though they teach many important lessons and values, I believe that they are pointless. As you walk down the hall, you see couples holding hands, making-out, and hugging for endless hours as though they will never see each other. In reality, it’s disgusting.

Some might argue that many high school relationships last through high school, college and into the rest of their lives, I agree. Some of the relationships last, but the way that high school relationships have been defined is a little extreme. Relationships have evolved from a “getting-to-know-each-other” activity to a contest of how much PDA you can show at school. I am all for being proud of who you are as a person, but when it comes to all of the touching and kissing, that is something that shouldn’t be shown in hallways.

In every high school relationship that doesn’t last, there is a break-up. I think that the break-up is the most unnecessary part of a relationship. You fight about stupid stuff and then end up not talking for months or ever again because of something as stupid as that. It all just seems so dramatized and it gets out of control. This happens a lot even in a relationship and if it doesn’t tear the boyfriend-girlfriend title apart, you might find yourself taking a “break”. What is that supposed to mean? “I give you permission to cheat on me for a little while because I don’t feel like dealing with you.” That’s what it sounds like to me. Why take a break if it’s most likely not going to work out in the long run.

One way I think that relationships are necessary is the aspect that it teaches you a lot. In any relationship, you learn how it feels to open up to someone completely and also how to cope with issues when they come flying your way. Especially in girls, you learn that you have a lot of worth and what you deserve. Many times, both the guy and the girl in the relationship are found hurt after the break-up and this causes some major issues for the rest of your life. I agree, sometimes in a long while, the relationships you find yourself in throughout high school may last, but the way they have evolved through the years is distasteful.