Do’s and don’ts to training in the offseason

Natalie Mander, staff writer

Training in the off season can be a tough thing to maintain. Here are some tips on how to stay fit in off season.

Keep a consistent schedule: After you finish a long sports season, it may be easy to just go home and relax for the rest of the day. It is encouraged to give your muscles a break after work outs. Start a gym schedule of at least three days a week so you don’t lose your in season body.

Take care of your body: When in season, many athletes choose to ignore their body signs and play through an injury. Take this time in the off season to rest and recuperate. This allows your body to heal from any injuries that have occurred earlier and also prevents chronic stress fractures from forming. Doctors also recommend that you get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Icing aching muscles prevents swelling and soothes irritation.

Set goals: Setting goals is a very effective way to stay motivated in the off season. Before the end of you season, set a list of at least five fitness goals that you would like to achieve. Post these goals in a place that you will see every day such as your bathroom mirror, locker, or bedroom wall. Give yourself a time limit on when to achieve this goal along with an incentive. This will keep you motivated to train more.

Talk to your coach: If you’re planning on joining a new sport or plan on returning for another season it is very important to talk to coaches in the off season frequently. This gives you a chance to create a relationship with your coach while learning more about the sport. Ask them what you can do to prepare for the upcoming season so you know what workouts to try.

Staying consistent and motivated are key factors when training in the off season. Sticking to a plan will make for a successful break and will put you the right steps for being athlete ready when your season approaches.