Bravery on four wheels

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

One of the world’s most successful musical tours has come to America followed by a bus with the hopes and aspirations for a kinder and braver world.

Lady Gaga’s highly popular and extremely high grossing world tour, The Born This Way Ball has reached America. The tour was entirely influential on all of the five previous continents that it had visited. The message of kindness and bravery was spread through the sound of music and created a much more caring society everywhere it went. The Born This Way Ball plans to keep the same traditions in North America and extend the bravery beyond music with the Born Brave Bus.

Back in 2011, Lady Gaga announced a partnership with her mother, Cynthia, as part of a new innovative into a braver world. The project was called the Born This Way Foundation, named after the singer’s third studio album. With the help of her mother, Lady Gaga brought the foundation to its very first event at Harvard University. Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and other scholars from the college endorsed the aspirational foundation. The foundation was off to a great start as the message seemed to be spreading farther than the founders had previously imagined. However, the bravery only seemed to be reaching fans of Lady Gaga and those who had been to a foundation’s event.

The Born This Way Foundation now hopes to spread the future of love and acceptance far and wide with the Born Brave Bus. The gigantic tour bus is entirely painted on the outside and features artistic cartoon members of the foundation including Lady Gaga and Cynthia Germonatta. Messages of bravery, love, acceptance, and other positive words are scattered alongside the drawings. The Born Brave Bus follows the Born This Way Ball tour bus and opens its doors at every concert.

The Born Brave Bus is not only open to ticket holders for that night’s concert, but to everyone interested in helping to engage in a more accepting society. The bus offers a variety of events include a gallery of fan art, a DJ booth featuring DJ Lady Starlight, and most importantly a counseling session with a member of the foundation. Many Born Brave Bus visitors have even had the chance to meet Lady Gaga herself in a one on one counseling session.

The Born Brave Bus is available at all shows within the United States and will be following the tour until the end of its final leg. Visitors are asked to register before entering the event, however an option for preregistration is available online at