Beyoncé’s world

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

In addition to the most talked about Super Bowl performance in years, a televised reunion with her former band mates, and a world tour in the midst, one of the hottest artists of today is planning a triumphant return to the spotlight with a new album and so much more.

Beyoncé performed at the presidential inauguration earlier this year to commend President Barack Obama on his second term in the white house. The singer made headlines when a backing track was rumored to be used for the routine. Beyoncé confirmed the rumor, saying that many artists in the industry use backing tracks. The artist insisted that she had not had enough time to run through the performance and, because the event was so monumental, she felt as though nothing should go wrong.

On February 3rd, Super Bowl XLVII was taken over by Beyoncé, her brood of Amazonian women, and a hoard of LCD screens and flame throwers. The legendary performance took no longer than 15 minutes and featured a series of hits from the songstress and included Beyoncé’s signature dances for Single Ladies and Crazy in Love.

The singer was then accompanied by Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, the infamous Destiny’s Child members were reunited to help the headliner singer some of their all-time favorites. Along with the colossal Super Bowl performance, Beyoncé snagged a $50 Million Pepsi sponsorship. This spectacle was but one of the stepping stones on Beyoncé’s journey to embark into entertainment royalty.

Moments after her breathtaking Super Bowl extravaganza, Beyoncé announced her first worldwide tour in years. The tour titled, “The Mrs. Carter Show,” was introduced to the world including promotional pictures and videos featuring an iced out and very royal Beyoncé.

The tour will kick off this year in Serbia on April 15th and will go country to country until the end of the year. The tour will make its one and only stop in Chicago on July 17, 2013. Tickets are set to go on sale on February 11th for the North American leg of the tour and are expected to sell out fast.

Along with the long list of events in Beyoncé’s current life, she is adding an album in 2013 to top everything off. A ton has happened since her platinum selling album, “4” in 2011. While no album title, release date, or any other specific information has been confirmed as of yet, the artist is said to be working with Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliott on the new record. Beyoncé is also said to be addressing the topic of her miscarriage on the new album.

With a series of magazine covers, television commercials, and numerous musical collaborations in the next few months, Beyoncé is sure to take the number one spot on every chart in 2013.