3, 2, 1, Play!

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

With worldwide hits like “Angry Birds” and “Evernote”, the Apple App Store and Google Play feature some of the most addictive and exhilarating classics of the digital age. In previous years, techies have watched games and other miscellaneous applications rise to the top of the social ladder. Such games as “The Sims” and “Scribblenauts” have become household classics that continue to surprise players.

2012 was the year for many applications to jump onto the technical band wagon. “Draw Something,” “Words with Friends,” and the infamous “Angry Birds” series, all drew in players of all ages. 2013 is expected to also be the year of the application. Some up and coming applications are sure to have adult and children gamers alike excited to be glued to their mobile device.

5. “Angry Birds Space” and “Angry Birds Star Wars Edition” hold classic “Angry Bird” fan captive in their astro-adventures.  Battling the evil piggies that have been their own game named “Bad Piggies,” these birds are introduced to a new gravitational pull that presents a new method of attacking their opponents. All three games are 99 cents in both the App Store.

4. “Flow Free” and “Flow Free: Bridges” is a simplistic and fairly easy minded game of weaving colored lines through their respective paths. Levels, ranging from five by five to a mighty ten by ten, bring gamers through a series of mazes in order to achieve the ultimate free flow. “Flow Free” is free in the App Store as “Flow Free: Bridges” is 99 cents.

3. “Icon Pop Quiz” tests users on their logo knowledge along with their experience with pop culture. Basic characters are shown in four by four boxes and a keyboard is presented. The player may use a series of hints and cheats to achieve the coin that leads to the following level. “Icon Pop Quiz” is free in the App Store.

2. “One Second Every Day” is a film application that allows users to film a few seconds of their daily lives every day, no matter what they are doing. The founder of the application relived his entire life at age 30 in six minutes total. At 40, he will have around an hour of footage. This application develops users into taking each day in stride and making every second count. “One Second Every Day” is free in the App Store.

1. “FrankenWord” is a quickly addictive and highly fascinating game of, “What do you get when you mash two words together to create one hilarious new word?” The game begins with two hints, one for each word you are guessing. For example, “warning device” would be an alarm and “mammal with armor” would be armadillo. The final product is something like “alarmadillo.” “FrankenWord” is free in the App Store.

2013 seems to be shaping up to be a highly addictive and seemingly game driven year. With the exception of a few applications, most of the App Store features really exciting and brilliantly derived programs.