10 unique date ideas

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

When choosing where to take a girl on a date, you must consider that the date you are going on will help you learn things about the girl you’re dating. Instead of going on a normal dinner and a movie date, try to show your creativity and think outside the box.

1. Soup Kitchen – Sounds crazy, right? Every guy wants a girl that is caring and compassionate. Why not take a girl to a place like a soup kitchen or a volunteer center, where you can see if she is friendly and willing to put others comfort before her? It might not sound like the most romantic date, but it is a date where you can evaluate whether or not she has the qualities you are looking for.

2. Family Board Game Night – The best way to see if you truly like someone is to see how they treat their family. If a girl treats her family horribly, chances are, she is going to treat you all that well.

3. Baking or Cooking Together – Baking cookies or dinner together can be really fun and you can have conversation while doing it. Instead of sitting at dinner, reserved, why not make dinner and have a flour fight while making dessert?

4. Long Car Drive – Going on a long car drive gives hours of conversation and chances to make a bunch of memories.

5. Photo-Booth Hunt – Take some time and spend time hunting down as many photo-booths that you can, taking several pictures in each one.

6. Playground Date – Who says you’re too old for a day at the park? Go and show off your childish side.

7. One-Way Walk – Only one rule; you must not turn back until you’re tired.

8. Collaborative Art – Get a canvas or a big piece of paper. Use your favorite art supplies and get to work.

9. Five-Course Dinner – Have a five course dinner at 5 different places. An appetizer here, soup somewhere else, an entrée there, dessert at your favorite ice cream place, and coffee at the nearest café.

10. Alphabet Date – Take time and find something to do for each letter of the alphabet. It can be something as simple as video games for V.