Ink Master: now trending

Alex Buldak, Entertainment Editor

Tattoos are meaningful visuals placed on our body through the use of ink and a needle. Some may oppose the idea of having one because once put on, they are there forever.

There I was one night getting ready for school at night after watching some Impact Wrestling when a new show called Ink Master came onto the screen.  My initial thought of the show that it was going to be a bunch of punks tattooing their sloppy, demonic symbols onto the skin of some paid actors to get some TV time. I was completely wrong.

This show captured my mind when I saw all the different personalities that participated in the contest, as well as their own specific style of art. They were all unique; they all had their own way of doing things which causes personalities to clash which is always entertaining. Each week, the contestants compete in flash challenge and the winner of that gets to pick who will tattoo which “human canvas.” This causes frustration amongst the artists due to their specialty styling. The decision of who stays and who goes is ultimately decided by the three judges: Oliver Peck, Chris Nunez, and Dave Navarro .There are 16 hopefuls who have the chance to win a feature article in Ink Magazine, $100,000, and the ultimate title of Ink Master.

The show taught me these artists do more than tattoo. The people are all legitimate artists who can carve pictures into things, make awesome masterpieces via paint, and also burn art into clothes. I also realized just how much hard work, time, and articulation goes into being an artist, which is really amazing.

The show is hosted by the guitarist of the popular alternative band, Jane’s Addiction, Dave Navarro and can be watched Tuesday nights on the Spike network at nine P.M.