Superintendent discusses new upgrades

Elissa Chudwin, Entertainment Editor

Joliet Township has seen many changes over the past few years; therefore, it is no surprise that recent upgrades have been taking place at both campuses. West students have been eagerly checking out the various projects going on around campus. This includes roof work, to retention pond maintenance, and to a new wing of science labs being built. All projects are very exciting for the students and staff; however, one new major upgrade will greatly impact the athletic department….the purchase of new turf.

Dr. Swanstrom shared how revamping the football field will only improve what is already a great football program. Due to the economic crisis most school districts find themselves in, it very comforting to students, staff and parents to know that our school district is in a position to continue to make improvements. Unfortunately, Plainfield School District recently announced that they are unable to provide turf on their fields.

Another topic of discussion stemmed from the rumored lockers that are suppose to be put into the field house. Dr. Swanstrom confirmed this was not the case for West and that the construction taking place at the field house is for the purpose of providing another entrance/exit.

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