Local Joliet Hang-Out Closes

Hannah Tadey, staff writer

Countless high schoolers used to quickly skate to Jeric’s Skate Shop on Jefferson Street after school.  Yet earlier in September, this shop closed down for good.  This leaves just one more Jeric’s Skate Shop left total.

With the economy being so low, the five break ins that have happened, and the glass doors being smashed and replaced several times, the owners of Jeric’s decided that it’s better to have just one shop. 

However, the workers and owners try to look at this in a positive perspective.  The Plainfield Jeric’s has a new mini-ramp for kids to skate, more of a selection in the store, and even the same workers there.  Brett Tadey, one of the skate teachers and workers, stated that “even though it may be closer for some people to go to the mall, they should definitely pay the [Plainfield] shop a visit because it is run by local skateboarders.  It is pure ‘skateboardin’.”