Boys and girls basketball season update

Joe Lukancic, Staff Writer

During the course of the winter sports, basketball season for our tigers has been amazing so far for boys and girls. The boys are a stellar 18-5 on the season so far with a 9-1 record in conference which has them in 2nd place and ranked 4th in state. The girls are 15-9, with a 9-3 record in conference which currently has them in 2nd place. For the girls team, junior Maziah Shelton and senior Destiny McNair have been quite good over the stretch of the season.

Solid performances over the course of the season so far from McNair and Shelton along with junior Brooke Schwall and sophomore Makayla Chism. Schwall says “This team is special even after losing some talent, going into games that people expect us to lose and we win is also a great feeling for the team”. For the boys, the Fears brothers have been hard to take your eyes off of this season. Junior Justus McNair also has been very impressive this season, being a key piece in the offensive attack for the team. McNair says, “We have played together as a team, that’s what makes us good, every team has its ups and downs, you just have to work through it and stick together”.

Junior Drew King and Senior Matthew Moore are quite the force serving as the team’s big men along with Seniors Jayden Martin, Jeremiah Purchase, Aaron Gant, Arquis Yancey and Junior Antonio Zabala playing roles in the team’s impressive stretch so far. When watching games, both boys and girls teams support each other and are competitive at a high level. Coach Krieger and Coach Placher have done an amazing job so far this season in coaching the students and are looking forward to making a run in the playoffs.

A view of the basketball program here at Joliet West, both teams have done an amazing job of representing tiger pride and showing the qualities of what special programs that are happening at West.