Is Joliet West baseball taking a better turn?


Photo courtesy of @jtwestbaseball

Dylan Pangrazio, Staff Writer

Joliet West baseball is something we have always loved watching. Last year the Freshman team went undefeated in the regular season and made a run through the playoffs. The varsity team went 17-10-1 also making a run in the playoffs. With the succes the Joliet West baseball team experienced last year, what does that mean for this year?

As the season tee’s off this year, the baseball team is on a somewhat rocky start being 10-6. There is room to improve but nothing to be upset about. Juniors teammatesare showing many sides of inconsistency but things are staying positive.

Sophomore pitcher Juan Rico said,“The season has been frustrating as we seem to move in the right direction and then take steps back as a team. Staying focused and not giving up in the right situations will get us back on track to succeed.” He continued “I feel there is way more weight than last year especially being on varsity and pitching as a sophomore I feel like I am competing everyday to stay on varsity.” Rico reflects on the stressfulness and exhaustion that it takes to be a student athlete, especially on varsity as a sophomore.

The coach for the Joliet West varsity baseball team John Karczewski stated,“The season has been really fun so far. Team has had some ups and downs just like the weather.  Hoping to hit on all cylinders starting conference and make another solid playoff run.”

Both the coaches and players are on the same page with how they feel the season has been and how it can get better. He also stated,“In baseball, there is never just one thing to work on. We will focus on bunting, hitting approach and competing on the mound over the next few weeks.” There will always be room to improve in baseball and coach Karczewski is showing that.

Joliet West baseball is looking to make a turn around in the second half of the regular season to make a solid playoff run. This year is going to show everyone what they have, and what they can do in the next coming years.