How do drugs affect sports?

Aidan Crawford, Sports Editor

As the winter Olympics ended many athletes won gold and others may not have. While the Olympics were taking place something in particular came up that was a pretty big topic of conversation that many people were furious about.

Russian olympic skater Kamila Valieva was said to have trimetazidine in her system when performing. This drug is not legal to use in olympic competition and usually if an individual is caught using it then they would be disqualified.

The court panel decided that even though Kamila did have trimetazidine in her system, she will not be disqualified because it was not her to blame for the incident.

When asked in an interview with the Washington Post about the controversy surrounding the russian Olym-
pic skater, Olympic American skater, Alysa Liu says, “A doping athlete competing against a clean athlete is obviously not fair, I don’t know what happened [with Valieva], but I believe in clean sport.”

Great Britain’s Natasha McKay also had input on the controversy and had this to say, “I wish it was a level playing field and it’s not, but they’ve made the decision they’ve made and I can’t do anything about that”

Olympians feel frustrated and tired of these types of problems in the sports world and many are very upset about the uneven playing field. If the Olympics cant have enough people being clean then it could ruin the Olympics overall which will affect many athletes in a negative way.