Girls basketball has triumphant season

Jakiya McWright, Photo Editor

The Joliet West girls basketball team is undefeated and underrated! They stand up to their names and never back out of a match and they all support each other and show good sportsmanship to one another.

Coaches make sure they are on their A game and heads are always up and they play not just for themselves nor their school but for each other. These girls have a bond that’s unbreakable and shows what a great team looks like. Not only are they good on the court but they are also good in school meaning grade wise.

The girls took a W against Minooka with a score of 68-52. 21-2 overall and 14-0 in conference. The 3 golden girls Lisa Thompson, Destiny McNair, and Grace Walsh led the team with the outstanding points of 41(Thompson), 11(Mc-
Nair), and 11(Walsh). Want to give a shout out to the other girls on the team that also put in hard work such as; Caiside Snapp, Kaylen Coggins, Ashlei Thomas, Maziah Shelton, Tarjai Hilliard, Miranda Rosales, Makayla Chrism, Reditt, and Brooke Schwall.

Given the circumstances of this season there was an interview for some of the girls to see if they would have changed anything if they could and to see how they feel about this year’s season so far. Lisa Thompson responded with “I feel like we are going down state and we are doing really good! We are #1 in the conference and we beat the #1 team out of Detroit Saturday (01/05/22). So our overall record is 22- 2, but I really wish we beat Bolingbrook, we only lost
to them by 6 pts. We would be in the top 5 in the state.”

The Tigers are finishing up their regular play with winning their third consecutive conference championship in a row. This team has a win streak of 41 conference wins in a row. The Tigers are led by Senior Captain Grace Walsh.

Many players make special contributions to the team’s success. Junior Lisa Thompson leads the team in scoring and Density McNair leads the team in rebounding. Team record right now is 23-2 moving into the last regular season
games. Tigers hope to make a long run into the state playoffs.”  said Coach Placher.

These girls have outstanding records and are top 35 in the state of Illinois. This hard work doesn’t stop here and they still have more to come and more teams to defeat. As long as the bond stays strong and knows their plays, they will do awesome. They stand behind their name and show what a tiger does!