Tiger day in the life: JW student athlete

Aidan Crawford, Staff Writer

Having to worry about grades is not easy, worrying about sports as well is even harder and many students at west are doing that. You have football players, basketball players, baseball players, and many more that have to worry about grades and then their sport practice or games.

During an interview about balancing school work and playing a sport, Sophomore Dylan Pangrazio said, “School always comes first. I am very focused on the obstacles that come in life but if I can, I try to keep school work and my
sport first.”

A lot goes into being a student athlete and many people find it hard to stay on top of their schoolwork and being constantly at their sport ready to go. Student athletes are also expected to be leaders and have high expectations
from their coaches as well as their teachers.

They undergo a lot of stress when doing this because of the heavy workload that they may receive. They also think
about if they will perform how their coaches expected them to during the game.