Boys bowling starts out strong


The Joliet West boys bowling team at their first home game of the 2021-22 season. Photo courtesy of Steve Millsaps on Twitter.

Marissa Levandowski, Staff Writer

As winter approaches the boys bowling team is in full swing. The Joliet West Boys Bowling Team hosted tryouts on October 25, 2021 and October 26, 2021 at Town and Country Bowling Alley. So far into the season the boys, both varsity and JV, are doing really well. The coaches this year are Coach Reggie Lee and Coach John Lizzio.

The boys are very hard at work and have practices almost daily. The team consists of 17 bowlers, there are 6 varsity and 11 Jv boys this season. The Varsity boys have had 15 matches and are currently winning 40-10. We tried reaching out to see how JV is doing so far into the season but unfortunately no one got back. 

Nicholas Macdonald a Junior at Joliet West, and a varsity bowler says,  “We are having a good season, with a good team, and we are doing really well this year.” 

The last match takes place January 29, 2022 but if the boys advance to state it could go into March. This is one of the best seasons our boys bowling team has had, hopefully our team this year will do great and make it to state!

Anthony Lizzio, team captain says, “This year we are doing well, winning two of our first 4 tournaments, and being second in our conference right now, morale is high. I am confident we will make it to state this year with a powerful team ready to dominate the competition. West has a back-to-back regional title right now, hopefully, we can make it a threepeat. I am excited to see what the back half of the season holds for our team.”