West sports update

Jakiya McWright, staff writer

Basketball season for both girls and boys have ended on a high note, with both teams earning SPC Champion titles. There are many other sports that are now getting ready to begin. Due to Covid a lot of sports were moved to a different season because of trying to keep all coaches and members safe. With new guidance in place, sports teams are ready to kick it in high gear.

Starting March 19th, 2021, Football will be in season. Varsity will be playing against Oswego East as well as freshmen and sophomores will be taking the lead on the 20th to go up against the Oswego’s freshman and sophomore team as well. As the games start this season, guests will be limited to each player on the team. The guest limit goes for cheerleading too. Varsity recently just had a competition. As they continue to practice and condition in the small gym they will be getting better for this football season to cheer wonderfully and get better for next comp season. Behind varsity we have junior varsity that’s conditioning at home because there is no space in school to have practices due to the limit of space given out from the cause of Covid. JV is reportedly to record their conditioning and practicing at home and to send it to their coaches. Sadly there is no freshman team for cheer due to the few people that tried out and would’ve made the team. Maybe next year freshmen will come back bigger and better. 

Softball is in warming, April 14th, 2021 is when we’ll see their skills put on the floor. It’s getting warm out so you’ll see them out working the fields. Boys soccer team is doing well in practice, the next game is on a Tuesday hopefully they bring home a win!! Following after the boys soccer team will be the girls soccer team. Girls’ season starts next month on the 15th as well. Lets see how many wins they bring home!! Girls volleyball is still in the making. The next game will be the 18th of March. Boys season will be coming up in April on the 15th also. For both the girls and boys track and field season will be starting in April, the sun will be out so there’s going to be a great sweat! Boys wrestling season will begin in April on the 29th. No one wants harm but let’s hope they put their opponents on their back!! Let’s hope boys wrestling crush the season….get it?

There are teams in the season right now and there’s a lot of teams starting in April. You can keep up with the games and the roster on 8to18 for all high schools. Let’s keep our distance and keep our masks on while celebrating all wins for all teams and bringing in the new seasons.