Covid is Scoring more Baskets than the NBA


Terrance Moncrief, Sports Editor

Covid is still interrupting our lives, both mentally and physically, but this also goes for even some of the biggest companies. Take the NBA for example, a 2.1 billion dollar company, and Covid is still making its rippling effects through it as well. While the NBA had a successful season last year using the bubble, this year’s strategy is not going too well. The league went from no positive tests in the bubble, to major outbreaks of the virus through several teams, just this year. The NBA chose to not quarantine themselves in a bubble this year, and instead are just restricting players from having any contact with anyone else outside of their games. (Many players chose this instead of the bubble.) 

This has not worked so far because many players are still having outside contact, and then getting the virus. This has caused several teams to play games this season without their full rosters. This has caused an uproar in fans, and the players. Teams are losing games because they do not have their best players, and this can hurt them in the long run due to seeding in the playoffs. 

Many people ask why doesn’t the NBA just go back to the bubble. Many NBA players refuse to do this because they do not want to leave their families again for months on end. And if your team makes the playoffs, you would be there for even longer. Many players opted out of the bubble last year because of this exact reason. Players like Avery Bradley, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, and many more players. Take Lebron James for example, who made sure the public knew he did not like the bubble. When asked about the situation, Lebron said: “I haven’t thought about the bubble much after I left. You continue to give me PTSD every time you ask me about the bubble. I started shaking thinking about 96 straight nights in that place.” 

So in return, the NBA is currently stuck. They do not want to return to the bubble method for even longer, but they also want to finish the season out. Many are speculating that the NBA season may be cancelled all together this year if the Covid numbers do not go down. But only time will tell what will happen next, as we continue to watch this crazy NBA season unfold right in front of our eyes.