Fate of the upcoming fall season?

Lawson Sizemore, Sports Editor

With the spring season being totally shut down by Covid-19, athletes can only wonder what will happen to the upcoming fall season. 

The summer plays a vital role in getting fall athletes ready for the season. In the last statement that was made by the IHSA, it was determined all summer activities will be put on hold. 

What makes this interesting is with the country trying to reopen as soon as possible, how fast will athletics be able to resume. For this to happen, we first have to overcome this difficult time. We do that by following the important guidelines that were put in place. 

The more that we stick to what we are being told, the better we are at fighting this virus off. States will begin easing up on social distancing guidelines towards the end of May. Certain areas will then begin to reopen depending on the number of hospitalizations and virus cases.

No one truly knows the answer to whether fall sports will be affected, or not. The goal is to be able to resume athletics towards the end of summer, into the new school year.

Nothing is guaranteed and we don’t know when we will defeat this, but by contributing in some way, it can speed up the process. Just staying home, can drastically help with the slowing down with this virus.  

As the fall season starts to approach, there will be more updates to go off of. For right now, we just have to take it one day at a time because that is the only thing we can do.