“The Last Dance” Early Release


Photo by ESPN

Lawson Sizemore, Sports Editor

Every day we all are looking for something to help pass the time. Whether that is playing video games or binge-watching our favorite shows, it all gets old.

Thankfully ESPN is helping by moving up the release date of the documentary “The Last Dance”. For those that don’t know, this documentary will cover the end of Michael Jordan’s great career in Chicago. 

It paints a background to what really happened behind the scenes with the greatest team to ever play the game. The 97-98 season is what will be highlighted when Jordan won his sixth championship over the Jazz.

Not only is Jordan highlighted throughout, but his teammates and coaching staff play a huge role in how that year can be portrayed. 

I know that I’m not the only one who is excited for this to come out, but every basketball fan should be interested in extra behind the scenes footage of the best team arguably ever to play the game. 

“The Last Dance” will come out on Sunday, April 19th and go until May 19th. It consists of 10 parts. 

The adversity that this team faced and how they dealt with it can be seen. Originally set to come out in June, ESPN made the decision that there was no better time to release it than now. 

Here is the trailer for “The Last Dance”.