Powderpuff game leaves audience on their toes


Seniors, Gisele Perez and Allie Malleris smiling happily after their big win. Photo courtesy of Gisele Perez

Lanisia Givan, staff writer

Seniors, like every year, plan to take a win to keep the tradition alive. Juniors think otherwise and want to show the seniors it’s their year. “Last year the plays were a lot different than the plays I played last year my junior year” a senior said. “For it to be my first time playing as a senior it was fun and something very different, I’m not very athletic but I learned I can do things I never done before” another senior said.
Seniors are very positive in winning this year after the loss they took last year. During the practices the coaches worked them towards winning. Coach Krieger made sure that the seniors were on point of their game. Coach Suca made sure her juniors were also on top of their game.“During the practices it was fun although it made me ready to beat the seniors and let class of 2021 be the year” a junior said.
Seniors started the game off on a good start. They were very positive that they were going to win the game. Before the game the seniors did a chant making it known that class of 2020 was going to win the game this year. The game was a very competitive game. Juniors were being very aggressive and planned on making it their year. The score was 6-0 until the second half of the game.
Seniors were in the lead until the juniors decided to take things more serious and score. Seniors doubted that they would win the game due to how serious the juniors were getting. Juniors were so close to winning the game this year. They scored and the score was 6-6. Since they were tied they played sudden death. Seniors had their chance to score and scored.
Juniors had theirs but went out of bounds. Juniors were so close to winning the game. With a running clock and not enough time outs, Seniors made it their year and won the game 12-6.
After the seniors took a win they were so happy after the lost they took last year. Without the trick plays in the game, the seniors felt as if they would have lost to the juniors. It was either go big or go home, and seniors went big.