Tigers basketball looking to move on from rough start

Lawson Sizemore, Sports Editor

With the midway point of the 2018-2019 Tiger’s basketball season approaching, the Tigers look ready to bounce back from their poor start to the season. The first 9 games were a rough patch for this team, with their record only going 2-7. With the start of conference coming into swing after break, it should help the Tigers tally up some wins. The very young varsity team is improving on a game to game basis, with hopes of building a great team by the start of regional playoffs. There are few home games remaining after the winter break, so it is very important that the fans come out to very game to show their support. When asking Coach DiForti about this season, he said, “It is a long season with a lot of games left, and we will improve in all aspects of the game.”

The main goal for this season is to garner as many wins as possible, in order to impact regional playoffs. Although the start of the season didn’t go as planned for this year’s team, there is still a ton of time for them to turn it around. The Tiger team will be playing many state-rate teams at the prestigious Pontiac Invitational varsity tournament. This should help the Tigers get experience playing highly skilled teams. The dates for the Pontiac tournament is the 27 through the 29 of December. The Tigers will only have 6 home games for the second half of the season, which means that they will be on the road for most of the time. Even though it will be a tough road stretch, most the games will be conference games.

If the Tigers can win most of these conference games, it will help them climb the standings in their conference. All the players are approaching the second half of the season with high expectations, for a conference winning streak and a playoff push. It is crucial that as many fans as possible try to come to every game to help support and help try to get this Tiger team on the right track. The long winter break should have given the team plenty of rest, to come back energized and get the second half of the season off to a great start. If everything goes as planned, the Tiger team could possibly win most of their remaining games and hopefully have a strong impact in the playoffs.