A day in the life of Mr. Millsaps

Terrance Moncrief, Sports Editor

Almost every high school has an athletic director, with ours here at joliet west being Steve Millsaps. Mr.Millsaps does a lot for our school and for our students. I had the privilege to interview him about his life as an athletic director. I asked him a few questions:

Wwhat inspired you to become an athletic director?

Sports have always been a big part of my life. I always loved playing sports.I played baseball and football in high school and then received a baseball scholarship at Lewis University. When I was a teacher at joliet west, I coached baseball and football. I also worked numerous events during the school year. I love JT and when the opportunity came to become an athletic I jumped at the chance. As an athletic director, you can impact a lot of different sports, coaches, and athletes

How has your job strengthened your relationship with students?

Immensely! Being able to connect with students outside the classroom is awesome. We also initiated our Tiger Pride core values and leadership club that allows time to talk, listen, and improve JWHS!

How many hours do you normally spend working?

Too many to count, but when you love what you do, it really isn’t work. Even when I’m home, I’m thinking on how I can become better for our school!

If you were not a sports director, what other job would you pursue?

I can’t really answer this because I feel this is the only job that I can see myself in! The Joliet West AD is one of the best jobs in the world!