Powderpuff seniors continue their winning streak

Ian Duda, Val Villaflor

Powderpuff seniors continue their winning streak

Danielle Durak, Features Editor

This year, the seniors led a breakout win against the juniors. Both teams managed to work hard and strategize against their opponents. Mr. Plechaty coached the seniors this year, just as he coached them as juniors last year. as he communicated effectively with his team and incorporated a group effort.

There was a lot of touchdowns that almost happened in the first quarter but two were flagged because of grabbing. The first touchdown from the Seniors was scored in the first quarter, but they didn’t stop there, as they also ended up scoring another touchdown in the fourth quarter, making it a cumulative score of 13-0. Last year, they won by only one point.

 The crowd was packed this year, with excitement and energy filling up the stadium. The four practices leading up to the game helped prepare the juniors and seniors for an unforgettable game.

During the halftime show, the cheerleaders and dude squad performed. They performed to a variety of songs, such as “In My Feelings” by Drake and Cardi B’s “I Like It.”

A farewell celebration for Mr. Plechaty was given at the end of the game to recognize his retirement after working at the school for over 25 years along with many years of doing powderpuff.

Overall, the experience was unforgettable for the girls that participated. Check out game coverage of this event: https://youtu.be/KHgBHjzH7VU