Craig Reed and Terrance Moncrief, Section Editors

The Joliet West Girls volleyball team played Providence Catholic High School on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. The freshmen level played first at 4:30PM.

Unfortunately, they lost the game in the third match. The team seemed very much ready, but could not finish the job, with the score of the second game being 14-25. It was a hard fought game. The Joliet West Junior Varsity team also played very well, but lost too. The score at the end for JV was 16-25. They had some tough plays and played defense throughout the game, but Providence showed no signs of slowing down as they continued to apply pressure on all levels.

Before the varsity game, many teachers from Joliet West were acknowledged just to be shown appreciation. Some of these teachers included: Coach Krieger, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Herman and many more. For Varsity’s match, they won the game in two back to back matches.

There was a lot of energy shown and we looked better than ever. Mr. Bro is the head coach for varsity. The crowd was very much into the game, with them screaming and clapping. Varsity’s record is now 13-6 and 3-1 for conference games. The program continues to demonstrate good sportsmanship.