When cheering and singing collide


Courtney Rubino, Editor-in-Chief

We are always told that hard work pays off. Senior Carolina Soto leads as an example of this because her hard work led her to have the amazing opportunity of singing the National Anthem at the 2016 IHSA State cheer competition.

Soto clarified how there was an ad for this opportunity on the IHSA website and Athletic Director Steve Millsaps had to send in a letter of recommendation along with a demo video of her singing at the West Fest. “This experience has been very humbling. I appreciate the opportunity and support to do what I love,” stated Soto. She continued to explain how her support system included her mom, sister, and friends. These are the people who attended as many competitions as they could for cheer, and also went to as many singing performances that they could fit into their schedules.

Achieving a goal is always a rewarding feeling. Soto got the chance of a lifetime, combining two things she is passionate about: cheer and singing. Reflecting on the experience, Soto concluded “It was surreal! It has always been a dream of mine to go to state and this was my third trip. But I never thought my worlds would collide and I’d get to sing too!”