Newby kicks it into high gear

The Joliet West Varsity football team welcomed James Newby as their new kicker this year. Photo courtesy of

Izzy Bohanek, Sports Editor

The 2015-2016 Tiger football teams have been putting in work since the summer, and now that the season is finally here, they are ready to see it pay off. The varsity team may have lost important senior starters, but one addition this year, senior James Newby, takes some weight off the coaches’ shoulders.

Newby is the new kicker on the Joliet West varsity football team, and he is more than ready to see what he can accomplish this season. Newby has played both soccer and tennis for West, but decided to play football in his last year.

On how he felt about being on the team with a lot of new people, he expressed, “I am enjoying the atmosphere and getting to know some new people.”

With the sports back ground Newby has, it is obvious he is a go-getter and will work hard at his new position.

“In soccer, all players kick the ball a countless number of times,” said Newby, “and while kicking in football is different, my years in soccer have given me some kicking experience.” The willingness he shows to adapt to the team shows just how talented of an athlete he is.            The adjustment from soccer to football is difficult, but that does not stop Newby from having goals.

“Individually, my only goal is to do my very best and work hard,” he stated.

There is no doubt that Newby will be helping the Tigers tremendously; it is always the little contributions that add up in the end for major success. The entire football team has a lot going for them this year, and now that they have a stable kicker who will work his absolute hardest to help his team out, the future is looking brighter and brighter.

“I don’t know much about football,” Newby stated, “but I do know that this team is motivated to succeed, and I believe we have what it takes to win”

West is excited to see this great team in action. Who knows – soon, maybe we will see the Tigers kickin’ it off in the play-offs.