Club/Sport Spotlight: Bass Fishing

Joey Hein, staff writer

Joliet West High School sponsors a wide selection of clubs and after school activities. A lesser known interest that the school offers is bass fishing.

This club is overseen by John Barber, a technology teacher at West, and supports a team of approximately 20 students. Whether on par with professional fisherman or rather inexperienced, all are encouraged to try the club, and possibly learn a thing or two in the process.

Fishing takes place at designated ponds throughout neighborhoods in the area. Students are encouraged to invest in their own equipment. Outings usually occur once or twice a week. The casual and supportive atmosphere of the club is what allows students to truly treasure the opportunity. For those with a flair for competition, there is a contest which falls in April later this year.

Jacob Pondel, a member of West’s Bass Fishing, relates, “…the experience is great. Mr. Barber has even taught me a few things like where the fish will be.”

For those with a passion for fishing or even for the general outdoors, this club is a good outlet to build up skills, learn new ones, or just purely have a good time. Be sure to stay current with upcoming activities as winter slowly comes to an end, and be mindful of opportunities like Bass Fishing. To join the club, find Mr. Barber around the A building or contact him at (815) 774-7400 for more information.