Sports and Spirit

Izzy Bohanek, Contributing Writer

The school spirit, otherwise known as the club, “Wild West” and Joliet West Football teams have certainly made a name for themselves this year. The student section “Wild West” has been by the football players’ sides this season, and the players feel nothing but motivated. The hard work they have been putting in is a major factor to their success, however, the school spirit may be another. Varsity’s record so far this year is 3-2, sophomore’s is 1-4, and freshman “A” and “B” are both 4-1.

Varsity and sophomore football typically have the same goals and standards for the team/players. Sophomore head coach Nate Fonk stated, “This year as a whole the program is getting better, with the dedication of the players and the program, we can be a playoff team every year.” Although their start to the season is not what they had hoped, the players never get down on themselves. The school spirit from the student section gives the players motivation and will to keep pushing.

The varsity team led by nine year head coach Jason Aubry, also enjoy the “Wild West” student section. The coaches and players want crazy and they are certainly getting it. Senior varsity special teams MVP Dwayne Lane believed the student section gave them the courage to play better as a team. Rick Dove, senior offensive guard on varsity loves the support from the fans right after a big win, which is what the fans want. Freshman, Sidney Budzinski, who is a part of “Wild West” stated, “Our goal when supporting the athletes is for them to know that their school is there to back them up and give them support and cheer them on.”

However, Colton Dolak, a freshman wide receiver on the “A” team, expressed the lack of school spirit at the freshman games and how it would be good to have more people come out and boost their confidence. “There are not nearly as many fans as there are at the varsity and sophomore games.” Dolak said. Although, despite the lack of school spirit, he still believes this season will be great. “This is the year that we will turn this program around,” Dolak stated, “and come out with successful seasons on all levels.”

Joliet West Football and “Wild West” club have grabbed the attention of many, and will in the future as well. The start of school spirit and the good playing from the football teams has given nothing but a good start to the season. When asked about how he felt about the season, Lane said, “If anything, this is the season.” Which could not have been said any better.