Wild West Student Fan Section

Kelsey Warren, Sports Editor

Joliet West High School recently gained some school spirit that was very unexpected. At Saturday’s homecoming football game, students gathered at Joliet West in the football stadium decked out in yellow and black to cheer on their Tiger football team. Due to so many students going to the game to support their Tigers, students plan to continue having fan sections at sporting events. In these fan sections, students dress up in a certain theme, stand up and cheer on their football team.

Some students have started a twitter page to decide what the themes are for each game and to start showing more Tiger Pride on social media. Follow @JtWestSports for all game information and updates at West.

The idea of school spirit at Joliet West is something that is coming back to


the community, but others believe it is a very positive thing for the school. “This is the most school spirit I have ever seen while coaching here at West and I love it!” said Coach Aubry. Hearing Aubry say that helped encourage students even more to have fan sections at sporting events. Other teachers have said it is important to show all sporting teams support at their games.

For the Friday night football game at Joliet West the theme is a blackout, so come support your Joliet West Tigers in their battle against Stagg!