Under the Lights on Friday Night

Jarrale Daniels, Sports Editor

The football program has seen many recent upgrades to their program. Some of the upgrades were new jerseys, an all football athletic performance class, which is a tryout, staff changes, and now the addition of one Friday night football game. The game has been highly requested by not only players but students as well.

On October 10th the Tigers will play their first Friday night game on home turf since August 29th, 2008. This new addition to the football academy has many students pumped and excited to show their school spirit!

Tom Carney, senior at West shared his thoughts on the long awaited game. “I’m so excited,” said Carney, “It’s been forever since a West Friday night game. The atmosphere will be like the Super Bowl times ten.” Carney is a big influence in the student section keeping the fans pumped.

Senior Brooke Anthony is really excited. “It’s my senior year, so I’m glad to get to experience it before I graduate. The atmosphere will be very spirited because of our student section because of our new student section, and since it’s the first Friday night game in a while, I think we will have a large turnout!” says Anthony.

Junior at West, Eric Small said “I am tremendously excited for the Friday night football game.” Small continued by saying, “Friday night football games are common at many high schools, and it is great to experience a Friday night football game atmosphere. I feel as though this game has major implications for the future of Joliet West High School football games. If everybody comes out to support the Tigers, Joliet West may consider more Friday night football games for years ahead.”

The players are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to play in front of our stands on our home turf.

Senior right guard for the Tigers, Richard Dove, said, “I’m excited beyond words. I always hoped to get the chance to play under lights and I can’t wait to see how many people come to the game…if it goes good then hopefully more games will be Friday night.” Dove and other players have high hopes about the game.

Junior defensive tackle Patrick Leaf, said “I think adding a Friday night home game to the schedule was a good idea.” Leaf backed up his belief by saying, “We all have a lot of school spirit, and it definitely shows at Friday night home games.”

Brenton Thompson, senior running back had input about the night game. “I feel that we get to play a football game like how it should be for high school is amazing,” said Thompson. “Having the opportunity to play under the lights with the fans out there supporting us is just exhilarating. This being the last year of my high school football career, I am grateful to play one night game.” Thompson’s view depicts the feelings of the West team and West community.

The Joliet West Tigers will play Stagg High School at 6:30 on Friday. Don’t forget to buy your tickets and come out to support your West Tigers!