Alex Tibble wins the CSN Football Athlete of the Week Award

Kelsey Warren, Sports Editor

Each week a new student-athlete in Illinois is featured on Comcast Sports Net for something they did to help their team achieve a new goal. For the week of September 21, junior quarterback, Alex Tibble and the Joliet West Tigers were chosen for the award. Alex was given the award because he helped lead his team to victory against Carl Sandburg with 268 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Many of Alex’s team mate were proud of him but most of all his school was proud to see the Tiger’s hard work show off. Many of Alex’s classmates and teammates know him by Alex but with the accomplishments he has brought to the school football team he has earned the chant ‘Tibble Time’ while making plays on the field. Disregarding all the fame Alex has gotten, he has continued to stay humble.

Defensive end for the Tigers, Noah Dillon said, “I am proud of him and our team for what we’ve done this season. We’ve proven ourselves competitors who shouldn’t be taken lightly.” Many other teammates say that this award has helped motivate the team to keep up their hard work and see where else it can get them.

Alex is a student-athlete that always follows his Coach Aubry’s motto of ‘TOI: Team over Individual’. Alex has continued to stay humble and Coach Aubry verifies that by saying, “Alex is a great team mate and he knows that he would not get this award if it wasn’t for the team winning the game against Carl Sandburg on Friday Night.”

When Alex won this award he continued to keep that ‘TIO’ attitude. He said, “It’s such an honor to get an award like this, but it truly is a team award. If we don’t go in there and beat Sandburg, then there’s no way I get this. I have faith in my line to get it done each and every down, I can trust any of the receivers to go up and make a play for us. We also have four different running backs that can go in at any tie and get the job done. So it’s a great feeling to receive the award, but it’s really the guys around me who made it possible.” After winning the award, Alex has continued his hard work on the field to not better himself but to better his team.

On a Tuesday practice CSN filmed parts of the Tiger’s practice as well as interviewed Coach Aubry and Alex Tibble to be broadcasted on ‘High School Lites’.