New Cheer Season

Lydia Schrock, Contributing Writer

Losing the majority of their team by the leaving seniors, the new cheer team has some very big shoes to fill. The new varsity team, taking in five freshman, want o be able to return to state with a vengeance and make the goal of being one of the top three teams in the state. Taking fouth place at state last year, this is a very achievable goal. However, it will take much hard work, and team bonding to be able to do this. “The seniors were the glue that held our team together and always pushed everyone to be their best. If we want to continue to go to state and place well, the new seniors must step it up and be the leaders of the team,” says current sophomore on the team, Jenna Thomas.

Skill wise, the team has great potential to place well this year. In tumbling, almost everyone on the team has a layout and a standing tuck. Hopefully, by competition season much of the team takes it a step up and starts working on fulls for running tumbling. We also have some great jumpers and very flexible flyers. Many girls on the team are able to pull needles in the air. Everyone on the team has great individual skills, but we are not sure yet how the team will work together in stunts and tumbling. “The reason why we did so well was because last year we had such great team chemistry. Everyone worked so well with each other, and we all got along great. The whole team loved each other and we all pushed each other when things got tuff. I really hope we are able to keep up that same team chemistry that we shared. It might be might be difficult at first with all new people that have joined the team,” says current sophomore on the team Tyler Delrose.

Hopefully the new team this year is able to pick up where we left off and improve ourselves even more. Creating team chemistry and being able to be successful and work well together takes hard work and time, but if we work hard is very possible to make this new season a good one and achieve our goals.