Boys’ Volleyball

Natalya Gonzalez, Contributing Writer

This year, Freshman Boys’ Volleyball are off to a good start with only a few weeks until the season is over. Freshman boys have been working hard and keeping their head up in every practice in every practice, tournaments and games. Both A and B team get guidance from former volleyball players Kaylie Duke, Jackie Lacosto and Meredith Schroeder. “We have been improving ever since the first day of tryouts.” Stated A team setter, Alfredo Marquez. “The season is going good so far. I have a lot of fun playing with my teammates and we improve on passing and spiking the ball.”

As any other sport, teammates and coaches have goals and expectations throughout the season. “My expectations this year are to win more games and improving on confidence and excitement about winning. My goals are to improve on being a setter and try to move up to JV.” Explained Marquez.

May 7th was a home game versus Sandburg. When both teams warm up, they practice like the game has already begun as should any team. You can feel the intensity and excitement by the way they were peppering and diving even for the most unnecessary balls. The freshman A team is up first. Number 14, Alfredo Marquez, starts off the game with serving and number 17, Robert Ford, making their first point. Throughout the game, there was a lot of communication and movement between the ball and the players.

The crowd was supportive and really enthusiastic. Especially when it came to blocking and spiking the ball. Although they lost 16-25, both teams played hard and did their very best. As for the B team, great communication, supporting one another and came to ready to play. The crowd was still excited and supportive when the B team played. It came down to a very close game of 24-26, Sandburg taking the win. Both teams gave it their all and worked hard. The Tigers may not have token a victory but they sure did work hard and hopefully improve throughout the season. Go Tigers!