Ultimate Frisbee, the latest sport at Joliet West

Jaina Gliva, contributing writer

Have you ever played frisbee before?  Well, the newest sports team at Joliet West (ultimate frisbee) is much more than a casual game of Frisbee.

Freshman student, Christopher Spreitzer created the club team this past year, with Freshman English teacher, Anthony Romanelli as the sponsor and coach.  The team has about 12 players so far.

You may be wondering what Ultimate Frisbee is.  It is an outdoor sport played on a field 70 yards by 40 yards, and each team has 7 players on the field.  The goal of the offensive team is to pass the disc down the field and into the defensive team’s end zone. It is also a non-contact sport, which means that no physical contact is allowed.  Respect and sportsmanship are key to this game.  The player holding the Frisbee, the “thrower” cannot move, they can only pivot on one foot.  To make things even more difficult, the thrower only has 10 seconds to throw the disc.

Ultimate Frisbee is also a very fast-paced game, and there are no breaks or time-outs. Romanelli states that one of his favorite things about this game is “how fast-paced the game is”.   Since it is such a fast game, players are allowed substitutions, but only after the offensive team scores.

Similar to all other athletes, the Ultimate Frisbee players make everything seem so easy.  However, as Romanelli says, “It’s not nearly as easy as it looks”.  The players have to practice long and hard to get as talented as they are.

This game is becoming more popular, especially in colleges.  One college was offering a $10,000 scholarship for Ultimate Frisbee players.

The Joliet West Ultimate Frisbee team will be participating in an upcoming tournament in Naperville on April 5th and 6th.  There will be 40 teams, each playing 5 games.  Another tournament will be held on May 31st and June 1st.