10 ways to live to 100

Courtney Rubino, staff writer

Staying healthy is one of the most important things in life. Start with these ten tips and become amazed with the results.

1.)     “Eat an apple a day to keep the doctors away.” This quote is not supposed to be taken literal. Although, vegetables and fruit can help prolong your life.

2.)     Sleep! Your mind process slows down the less sleep you get… with the right amount of sleep the more alert you become. Try to get seven to eight hours every night.

3.)     Try not to stress. Stress is an emotion that makes you feel mentally and physically exhausted, so if possible, this is one thing to stay away from.

4.)    Have regular check-ups. No one knows health better than the trained professionals.

5.)     Stay active… take a walk, run, roller-skate, bike, the list is never-ending.

6.)    Simply do not do drugs. They harm your livers, lungs, heart, and brain.

7.)    Live, laugh, and love. People actually can help you live longer because it may lead up to healthier behaviors.

8.)    Work on hills. Many researchers believe that hills and walking itself can help keep the cells flowing in your body, and you’ll just overall become a more positive person.

9.)    Become confident in yourself, and choose activities and daily tasks that make you feel good about yourself.

10.)  Brush and floss your teeth, if you don’t the bacteria may actually end up causing heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

Hopefully you will see the results you hope for whether it’s mentally or physically. Happy early 100th birthday.