Freshmen soccer team has almost perfect seson

Ashley Darr, contributing writer

August 27th was the dreadful first game. It was also the first game the team had lost this year’s season. The score was 3-0 against Plainfield East. Losing the first game motivated the guys to try harder and prove their coach, the school, their family and friends, but most importantly themselves that they can be the best they can possibly be.

Coach Romanelli states, “I’m pretty sure we lost that game simply because the boys were not as familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have worked quite hard at learning how to communicate, understanding situational moments within the game, and how to look for ways to outsmart our opponents.”

One of the players, Freshmen Jay Hernandez, says, “It was the first time we played together as a team, and we didn’t really know each other at the time. Now we all get along, and we are close to each other, because we have practice almost every week Monday-Friday except for days we have games.”

This season the boys have played 14 games, losing the first one, tying the 12th game, and the 14th game.  Other than those games, the boys won all of them. During one of the games team member, Julio Orozco, got his hand stepped on by a cleat and was out for the season, other than that the other members had little to no injuries. Also during the game on October 7th number 10, Tim Spesia, wore the captain armband, which means he went from Co-Captain to Captain within a week.

Coach Romanelli says, “I am extremely proud of our team, as we have learned to play together, trust one another, and become more vocal when out on the field.  All of that, coupled with the fact that this group of boys really does not like to lose, makes for a fun season.”

Since that first game, the boys all feel like they have gotten a lot better on and off the field as friends. The only other game they lost was on October 11th against Central. Then on October 14th the boys had to cancel their cancer game due to not having their coach or a ref.

The boys soccer season came to an end October 16th with the freshmen team concluding the season with 13-2-2, they had thirteen wins, two loses, and one tie.